Rectangular Die-cast Tube Plugs

Rectangular Die-cast Tube Plugs

Product Description

Product Name:Rectangular Die-cast Tube Plugs

Country of Origin:Taiwan



Detail Specifications

TS-P101 13 x 13mm
TS-P102 16 x 16mm
TS-P103 18 x 18mm/Two-side-folded/four-side-folded
TS-P104 20 x 20mm/Two-side-folded/four-side-folded
TS-P105 22 x 22mm
TS-P106 25 x 25mm
TS-P107 30 x 30mm
TS-P108 38 x 38mm
TS-P109 12 x 25mm
TS-P110 13 x 26mm
TS-P111 13 x 38mm/single and dual holes
TS-P112 15 x 30mm/single and dual holes for oval tubes
TS-P113 20 x 40mm/single and dual holes for oval tubes
TS-P114 25 x 50mm/single and dual holes
TS-P115 30 x 60mm/single and dual holes
TS-P116 19 x 40mm/for oval tubes